g7x0-B/g8x0-B + MCA bevel planetary geared motors


The very precise and flexibly mountable, space-saving and dynamic asynchronous bevel planetary geared motors with a high construction-related operational reliability enable precise positioning with resolvers or single-cable encoders as feedback.

The g7x0 bevel planetary gearboxes are the economical solution for numerous servo applications. With the g8x0, the backlash is reduced even further.


  • Maintenance-free lifetime lubrication for any mounting position
  • Greater precision and flexibility
  • Dynamic applications easily solved
  • Motor with low moments of inertia
  • Adjusted for a combination with servo inverter

Technical data and features

Technical data
0.8 … 6.9 kW
7 … 420 Nm

Planetary gearboxes g700 g800__v1-0__EN