c250-S safety controller


Safety in the system does not begin with the drives first, but at the control level. With the c250-S safety controller, a complete automation solution is provided for safety engineering and control and drive tasks. Topped with the safety I/O module, all the safety aspects in the machine module can be evaluated. EtherCAT is used for data transfer.


  • Outputs available with output current up to 2 A
  • Safety I/O modules with pluggable connections and integrated connection directly stackable
  • High-quality safety solution thanks to PL e/SIL 3
  • Consistent engineering platform
  • Compliance with the PLCopen standard

Technical data and features

Operating system
CODESYS + Runtime environment
EtherCAT slave
EtherCAT FSoE master

Safety Controller c250-S__v1-0__EN

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